Home History & Archaeology Revisiting the Photo voltaic Path of the Inca Creator God

Revisiting the Photo voltaic Path of the Inca Creator God

Revisiting the Photo voltaic Path of the Inca Creator God


The excessive monks of the Inca Empire of historical Peru used their sacred texts, often called the Codes of Sacred Geography, to construct sacred group facilities ( wakas) alongside 42 long-distance ceque traces. These alignments had been all centralized on the Coricancha (Qorikancha) Temple of the Solar in Cuzco, the place an enormous golden disc on the middle of this temple radiated these traces throughout the complete Inca empire.

The Inca creator god Viracocha undertook a legendary journey from the town of Tiwanaku on the shores of Lake Titicaca and crossed mountain peaks, in direction of the north-west, the place he left the shore of South America’s Pacific coast close to the border of Peru and Ecuador.

Historical Panorama Alignments – the Idea of Ley-lines

In the summertime of 1921, beginner archaeologist Alfred Watkins, stood on a hillside in Herefordshire, England, and seen a straight line of church buildings, city crosses, and historical burial mounds and in 1925 he revealed The Outdated Straight Observe postulating that the complete English countryside was knitted along with related alignments. Clive Ruggles is the UK’s main authority on archeoastronomy and in his Historical Astronomy: An Encyclopaedia Of Cosmologies and Delusion, (2005) he famous that the alignments of the buildings Watkins plotted, had place names containing the syllable ‘ley,’ therefore the time period ‘ley-line.’

On the time, and customarily nonetheless at this time, archaeologists principally disregarded Watkin’s idea if for no different motive than historical Britons had been regarded as being “too primitive” to have devised a system the place buildings are situated alongside historical panorama alignments. These days, the skeptical argument is one in every of likelihood: since so many historical options pepper the English countryside, the probabilities of discovering alignments is sort of excessive.

Historical Peru’s Ceque Traces

Ruling-classes and the excessive monks of the Inca Empire of historical Peru designed their whole territory round sacred texts often called the Unancha Pacha Qellqa – Codes of Sacred Geography. They constructed a collection of subtle stellar observatories linked by a community of historical stone pathways and established 1000’s of localized north-to-south meridians between group facilities and pure options to assist them report passing time, for the creation of correct agricultural, civic, and ritual calendars.

In Peru, these alignments had been known as ceque (aka seqe or ceke) traces, and Deborah Byron’s Classes of the Inca Shaman outlined the important that means of Shamanic time period ceque , writing “C eke traces intersect at  wakas, locations which might be energy spots infused with power…being in these energy spots heightens an individual’s (the Shaman’s) notion, and it turns into simpler to realize expanded states of consciousness. The  altomesayoqs (Shamans) enter into dialogues with the  apus (mountain gods) and work to open  ceque traces within the mountains to advertise therapeutic within the earth.”


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Prime Picture: Illustration of an Inca solar god. AI-generated. Supply: NorLife / Adobe Inventory

By Ashley Cowie



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