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Interstellar sign linked to aliens was only a truck

Interstellar sign linked to aliens was only a truck


Interstellar signal: A rock with reddish flames behind it streaks toward Earth.
This artist’s idea exhibits a meteor streaking towards Earth. In 2014, an interstellar meteor struck Earth within the Pacific Ocean close to Papua New Guinea. Some rumblings recorded on the time had been regarded as an interstellar sign of the incoming meteor, however now, a brand new research says it was only a passing truck. Picture through urikyo33/ Pixabay.
  • In 2014, an interstellar meteor struck Earth within the Pacific Ocean close to Papua New Guinea.
  • Seismic recordings made on the time and linked to the interstellar meteor led some scientists to look the ocean in a selected spot for extraterrestrial materials.
  • However a brand new research exhibits the seismic recordings weren’t associated to the interstellar meteor however as a substitute had been from a passing truck.

Roberto Molar Candanosa of Johns Hopkins College wrote this authentic story on March 7, 2024. Edits by EarthSky.

Interstellar sign was a rumbling truck

Sound waves regarded as an interstellar sign from a 2014 meteor fireball north of Papua New Guinea had been virtually definitely vibrations from a truck rumbling alongside a close-by highway. That’s in response to new analysis led by Johns Hopkins College. The findings elevate doubts that supplies pulled final yr from the ocean are alien supplies from that meteor, as was extensively reported.

Benjamin Fernando, a planetary seismologist at Johns Hopkins who led the analysis, stated:

The sign modified instructions over time, precisely matching a highway that runs previous the seismometer. It’s actually troublesome to take a sign and ensure it isn’t from one thing. However what we will do is present that there are many indicators like this, and present they’ve all of the traits we’d count on from a truck and not one of the traits we’d count on from a meteor.

The staff introduced its findings concerning the supposed interstellar sign on March 12, 2024, on the Lunar and Planetary Science Convention in Houston. The total session could be discovered right here.

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The 2014 interstellar customer

After a meteor entered Earth’s ambiance over the Western Pacific in January 2014, some scientists linked the occasion to floor vibrations recorded at a seismic station in Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island. In reality, in 2023, Avi Loeb and staff recovered supplies on the backside of the ocean close to the place they thought meteor fragments had fallen. These researchers recognized the fragments as “extraterrestrial technological” in origin.

However, in response to Fernando, that supposition depends on misinterpreted knowledge. And the meteor, in reality, really entered the ambiance some other place. Fernando’s staff didn’t discover proof of seismic waves from the meteor. Fernando stated:

The fireball location was very far-off from the place the oceanographic expedition went to retrieve these meteor fragments. Not solely did they use the fallacious sign, they had been trying within the fallacious place.

Extra possible location for the meteor

Utilizing knowledge from stations in Australia and Palau designed to detect sound waves from nuclear testing, Fernando’s staff recognized a extra possible location for the meteor. That location is greater than 100 miles from the realm initially investigated. As well as, they concluded the supplies recovered from the ocean backside had been tiny, odd meteorites, or particles produced from different meteorites hitting Earth’s floor combined with terrestrial contamination. Fernando added:

No matter was discovered on the ocean ground is completely unrelated to this meteor, no matter whether or not it was a pure area rock or a bit of alien spacecraft … though we strongly suspect that it wasn’t aliens.

Backside line: A brand new evaluation of seismic waves recorded across the time of the 2014 interstellar meteor that hit Earth exhibits it was not an alien sign however a close-by truck and fully unrelated to the meteor.

Supply: Most likely Not Aliens: Seismic Knowledge Evaluation from the 2014 ‘Interstellar Meteor’

Through Johns Hopkins College



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