Enhancing Insights with Quantum Sensors at Megalithic Websites

The quantum: that pesky stuff hiding sub-atomically. Our world is made up of matter, and that matter is made up of atoms. If we have been to seize our tape measure, the quantum area offers with matter smaller than what’s between the strains—smaller than the atom. That’s smaller than an organ, smaller than a cell, smaller than an organelle, smaller than a protein—smaller than… nicely, you get the image. It’s fairly rattling small. So small, the truth is, we’re solely simply now, within the mighty twenty first century, in a position to get a sneak peek at what’s going on down there. The image, nonetheless, continues to be fairly blurry.

Brush apart all these “smaller thans,” and we get again to the place we should be. Subatomic particles, from the elementary electron to the nuclei-bound neutron, from the positively heavy proton to the infinite smallness of the constructing blocks of quarks and gluons, are all, as it’s possible you’ll anticipate, very troublesome to see.

Wave pattern generated by visible light - the gaps between the lines. (ThreePhaseAC / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Wave sample generated by seen gentle – the gaps between the strains. (ThreePhaseAC / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Quantum physics—a system of fascinated with and exploring these incomprehensible but elementary processes of actuality—is one department of science designed to just do that: see. Makes an attempt to map this uncharted area of existence at the moment are coming arduous and quick as fashionable developments in know-how bridge fields together with science, arithmetic and computing energy.

When Plato envisioned his Platonic types, he was brushing up towards our most elementary actuality. Nicely over 2,000 years later, we’re solely simply creating the observational instruments essential to see these types—these subatomic constructions—that historical sage-philosophers appeared to have at all times recognized have been round us. How? To the very best of our information, they’d no technique of observing these phenomena.

Image of scale: from the smallest known substance (quantum foam) to the largest known structure (the universal sphere). Note the dinosaurs in the middle. (Pablo Carlos Budassi / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Picture of scale: from the smallest recognized substance (quantum foam) to the most important recognized construction (the common sphere). Observe the dinosaurs within the center. (Pablo Carlos Budassi / CC BY-SA 4.0)

That is an fascinating level which is value stressing: how did these historical minds know there was one thing on this area, with none viable technique of observing it? From the Platonic College of Thought to Newton’s notorious falling apple second, our species seems to have sat again and puzzled about forces originating from the quantum degree (even when not implicitly) for millennia. However the place did these concepts come from? How did they manifest? Any such work is characterised by myriad questions with scant options.

In post-modernity, the trickle-down impact has led to the buzzing of phrases like quantum-computing or quantum-entanglement into the mainstream zeitgeist of cultural memeification. The truth that these are buzzwords to most of us factors to the area that we inhabit. As a collective we’re nonetheless in that thrilling, but irritating, section of understanding one thing exists however not being able to know it on the essentially deep degree. Our instruments have but to meet up with our imaginations. However we’re shut. We’re very shut.

Visual model for Chardin’s Noosphere aka the global brain. Ironically, this image was generated by AI ( program). (CC0)

Visible mannequin for Chardin’s Noosphere aka the worldwide mind. Paradoxically, this picture was generated by AI ( program). (CC0)

The Significance of Megalithic Websites

In 2020 I wrote an article for Historical Origins speculating that frequencies produced at megalithic websites throughout our planet might have allowed our ancestors to entry components of their consciousness that stay, even as we speak, past our full comprehension. Primarily based on the work of the late Dr. Treffert, I centered on the idea of latent (however presumably accessible) genetic recollections. May this have acted as a mechanism to contact those who got here earlier than, to really feel what they felt, to see what they noticed—a way of extracting knowledge from members of our species lengthy since handed?

No matter type this takes, whether or not it’s tapping into the Jungian collective unconscious, or Teilhard de Chardin and Vernadsky’s noösphere—a naturally occurring information-network—or Dr. Whitely’s common Earth language, I speculate that in a roundabout way historical megalithic websites helped accomplish this.

Chichén Itzá Pyramid, South-Central Yucatan, Mexico. (Author provided)

Chichén Itzá Pyramid, South-Central Yucatan, Mexico. (Writer supplied)

As little is confidently recognized about these enigmatic websites as is understood about quantum area. The distinction? Virtually all of what we’re instructed concerning the historical world is cut-and-dried from subjective projections of people that, for one motive or one other, have an agenda usually fueled by the ability of dogma.

On the very most we get an admittance (primarily as a result of it’s in order that arduous to disregard) that these websites are aligned cosmologically. Little or no work is completed on the importance of their geographical location. The importance of the dimensions and form of the constructions themselves. The importance of the kind of natural materials used of their building. The importance of the foundation-myths that predicate the websites themselves.

Each historical websites and the quantum area stretch again to occasions as mysterious as they’re magical. While separated by billions of years, these branching timelines of historical past little doubt bore witness to their justifiable share of funk. However why is the funk of the quantum celebrated whereas the funk of the traditional websites touted as woo-woo? As a fan of the worldwide funk Spotify style, that funk is strictly what I’m in search of and I consider all funk ought to be handled equally.

Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacán, Mexico State. (Author provided)

Pyramid of the Solar, Teotihuacán, Mexico State. (Writer supplied)

Untangling the Historical Use of Power Traces

Simply because the mechanisms emanating from the quantum have a really elementary goal, so too do these underlying currents which might be undeniably current at historical megalithic websites. Whether or not it’s the symbolically grand pyramids of Egypt; the innumerable, jungle-reclaimed websites dotted across the America’s and the Amazonas (together with the numerous websites I’ve just lately visited on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico); megalithic works far-flung all through all of the corners of Europe, Eurasia, Russia, out throughout the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka and Asia. Many if not all these websites—these sacred, precision-built areas—little doubt had a goal. However, was this goal to boost the energetic ranges of the pure atmosphere they have been constructed upon?

By geologically-occurring substructures and crystalline pockets of crustal fault-lines within the lithosphere, may the pure actions of the Earth—the pure vibrations Gaia produces—be the underlying mechanism? May the under-studied piezoelectricity or enigmatic plasma play a job? May cave programs play a job?

The difficulty is, all of that is conjecture and neigh-on not possible to show. That’s, till now. We have now a nibble. A glimmer of hope. Loosen your tie, lookup on the sky, shut your eyes and take a deep breath. Allow us to get again to speculating. In case you do resolve to observe me down this department of chance, the likelihood that historical megalithic websites have been used to reinforce or induce altered states of consciousness for some nonetheless unknown motive, then hear me out.

That pesky, funky stuff—these processes that happen on the smallest recognized scale—have been round because the conception of the universe. They govern what happens on the elementary base-layer of actuality. On the coronary heart of those processes will be the greatest conundrum of all of it: consciousness.

We all know sure frequencies have an effect on our consciousness. We use sensors of sound (Hz) and electromagnetic scans of the mind (EEG and MEG) to attempt to measure part of this course of, however the overarching image continues to be indeterminate (see: Horgan, 2021). Similar to our present sensors usually are not delicate sufficient to get on the deep downside of consciousness, what if our present sensors usually are not enough sufficient to measure what’s current at these websites? What sort of power may, at this second, be unquantifiable?

We all know gravity exists; In case you climb a tall constructing and attempt to fly, you’ll fall. We name that “studying the arduous approach.” While we’ve had inklings concerning the invisible power that retains us rooted to the Earth for fairly a while, have we had the power to see gravity? No, we’ve not. The mechanisms that generate forces reminiscent of gravity could also be coming from the quantum degree. A degree unseen by us. Nicely, unseen till just lately.

Surface of a quantum chip. Its architecture features artificially created atoms (qubits) embedded within it. (FMNLab / CC BY 4.0)

Floor of a quantum chip. Its structure options artificially created atoms (qubits) embedded inside it. (FMNLab / CC BY 4.0)

Wanting By the Gaps

Because the techno-digital sphere expands it encroaches on the bio-physical sphere. Because the boundary between these spheres merge, fascinating insights could be discovered by wanting within the area in-between. As our sensory capacities enhance exponentially with increasingly delicate observational instruments and the utilization of synthetic intelligence, increasingly of the beforehand unseen organic world could be found on this overlap. Reaches of our actuality—what was as soon as hidden—now emerge from the darkness.

Quantum sensors are one such know-how that’s increasing our understanding of those areas. Designed and educated to quantify quantum forces into a visual (or no less than extra interpretable) set of information and informational show, quickly processes like gravity might be seen. So will particle interactions—clear as day—the grinding of the smallest gears recognized to us.

Anecdotal proof for feeling one thing—an brisk strangeness—at a disproportionate quantity of those megalithic websites could be present in abundance. I can personally attest to some websites myself. However what’s that one thing? Quantum sensors may present us with a window into what’s going on. Is that this too far-fetched? Can we sneak a peek?

Quantum sensors designed to measure cosmic-ray-produced sub-atomic particles known as muons have been used to find an unknown void within the Nice Pyramid of Giza. Sensors designed to detect gravity could also be utilized by future archaeologists who wish to discover buried relics and constructions by peering deeper into the Earth’s floor with out truly digging first.

Quantum computer chip (D-Wave Two - 512 Vesuvius) - to be cooled close to absolute zero and used to compute problems like the travelling salesperson problem and other economic and machine learning questions. (Steve Jurvetson / CC BY 2.0)

Quantum pc chip (D-Wave Two – 512 Vesuvius) – to be cooled near absolute zero and used to compute issues just like the travelling salesperson downside and different financial and machine studying questions. (Steve Jurvetson / CC BY 2.0)

So, this quantum-derived sensing know-how is getting used, usually in an ad-hoc, unintentional vogue, to research the extra well-known of the megalithic websites. However a spotlight seems to be on the strong lots that comprise web site constructions and objects. It doesn’t appear to be a precedence to these in command of sustaining and investigating the websites to attempt to perceive the energetic property of the websites themselves. And that’s the place the main target ought to lead subsequent.

In doing so, we would simply be taught what the ancients appeared to intuitively know already. Or possibly nothing will come of it. However except we make a concerted effort to include new rising know-how into not solely the evaluation of the bodily matter current at historical megalithic websites, but in addition the energetic rules that we’re nonetheless working to place into phrases, we might by no means get to know the true goal of those stunning, highly-energetic sacred websites. And that might be an important disgrace.

Whether or not it’s energetic forces from the ground-up, from the crust of the Earth itself; plasma or the electro-magnetic area; cosmological alignment occasions; an intertwining of using psychedelics with musical, shamanic rituals: the adjoining chance that our civilization could also be nudged into from discovering the true makes use of of those magical locations may very well be astounding. It could power us into a brand new paradigm, a brand new common perspective. Or it might be nothing, and the world might carry on ticking, turning, and spinning because it has completed for billions of years. However I feel, as a species, we owe it to those that got here earlier than us and people who will come after us, to no less than give it an excellent old style faculty strive.

You will discover extra of Freddie’s  work on his private Substack – – the place he focuses on the traditional previous and the interconnected future.

Prime picture: Quantum computer-based simulation of a deuteron – when a neutron (in blue) and a proton (in purple) bind collectively inside a nucleus. Supply: OLCF / CC BY 2.0

By Feddie Levy


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