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The Celtic Otherworld has all the time been a thriller; an odd, mysterious, and elusive place. What will not be all the time appreciated is the extent to which the Celtic Otherworld, particularly the magic Island of Apples, agrees with its Greek counterpart.

Since historic occasions it had in reality been believed that the Celts acquired their idea of the Blessed Isles from the Greeks. The Greek historian, Plutarch, in his Lifetime of Sertorius (8.2-3), maintains that the idea within the Elysian Fields handed into the Celtic world and fashionable students maintain the identical opinion.

With a view to delve considerably deeper and discover these potential origins, a better look must be taken at a Celtic god and goddess carefully related to the Celtic Otherworld, specifically Manannán/Manawydan and his consort, Rhiannon.


An intriguing determine among the many Tuatha Dé Danann was Manannán mac Lir, remembered in Welsh custom as Manawydan fab Llŷr, “Son of the Sea.”

Manannán was a shapeshifter and had a crane bag through which he saved the earliest type of the Hallows, the treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann. He usually appeared to sailors on the outset of their voyages. Manawydan was additionally a crafty and grasp craftsman. His first consort was Fand, “Pearl of Magnificence.” He later married Rhiannon. After the Milesians gained management of the land, Manannán turned the overlord of the remnant of the Tuatha Dé Danann as we learn within the story, Altram Tige Dá Medar or The Nourishment of the Homes of Two Milk-Vessels.

Manannán was lord and guardian of the Blessed Islands, particularly the Isle of Man, which bears his title, and the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland. Any certainly one of these islands (different potentialities have additionally been put ahead) might have been Emhain Abhlach, from which the well-known title, Avalon, was derived. Abhlach means “of the apple bushes.” This refers back to the apple bushes that grew on the island, bushes which bore golden apples, the supply of everlasting life and inspiration. The island, additionally referred to as the “Plain of Honey,” was a spot the place “the younger don’t develop outdated in any respect.”

A department from a blossoming tree on the Island of Apples, referred to as the Silver Department, had poetic and prophetic properties and was carried by an otherworldly girl in a narrative about Manawydan’s brother, Bran, referred to as The Voyage of Bran. It turned the image of the poet’s craft, an emblem of entry into the Otherworld.


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High Picture: A mysterious and magical island. Supply: Marina Varnava / Adobe Inventory

By: Willem McLoud

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